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Cineplex ceiling tiles are manufactured from non- combustible inorganic glass wool and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. The tile is faced with a black non-woven glass tissue for optimal sound absorbtion. It is most commonly used in commercial buildings such as cinemas where high soundproofing performance is required. Odourless, inert and fully compatible with all  standard [...]

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Comfilite is a high quality Glasswool thermal and acoustic insulation that is bonded with an inert, thermosetting resin. The strong, resilient, flexible blankets are supplied in compression packed rolls and are easy to cut and install. Lifelong energy savings Lightweight and easy to install Exceptional thermal and acoustic properties Safe application and use Maintenance free Long product life [...]

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Ecosound acoustic ceiling tiles are manufactured from non-combustible inorganic Glasswool, bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder and are lightweight and resilient. A glass tissue facing is available in two decorative finishes namely Serenity (Silver) and Harmony (White). Superior sound absorption properties Excellent thermal performance Lifelong energy savings Lightweight and easy to handle Offers improved [...]

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Soundlite ceiling tiles are manufactured from non-combustible inorganic Glasswool and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. A decorative vinyl facing is available in Coral, which provides a durable finish. Lightweight and easy to handle Exceptional acoustic properties Good thermal resistance values Safe application and use Will not sag when correctly installed Offers improved light reflection Suitable [...]

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Geyser Insulation Pack

The Isover Geyser Insulation pack consists of a foil faced Glasswool insulation blanket in a kit form that includes 5 x 1 m high density Glasswool Snap On Pipe insulation of 15 mm ID bore x 20 mm wall thickness and duct tape. Additional pipe insulation available on request. Lifelong energy savings Lightweight and easy to handle DIY [...]

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Ductboard is manufactured from a high quality, Glasswool board faced on the external surface with a reinforced aluminum foil vapour barrier. The air stream surface is faced with a black non-woven glass tissue. Provides a homogeneous system of interlocking sections to form a rigid air handling duct system Boards are transported flat and assembled [...]

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Sonic Liner

Sonic Liner is a flexible Glasswool insulation blanket faced with an acoustically permeable black woven glass cloth on the air stream surface. A 35 mm overlapping flange of the facing material is provided on both sides to enable effective sealing. It provides outstanding acoustical and thermal performance with low air friction. Lifelong energy savings Excellent thermal and acoustic properties Maintenance [...]

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Snap on Pipe

Snap on Pipe insulation is a pre-formed, rigid, resin bonded Glasswool section of 1 metre in length. A single longitudinal slit allows the section to open to encompass the pipe and snap closed after placement. Standard finishing options are available in plain, canvas and reinforced foil. Lifelong energy savings Excellent thermal and acoustic properties Maintenance free Available in a [...]

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Ductwrap is a thermal insulation blanket specifically designed to wrap around air conditioning ducts. Lifelong energy savings Non-combustible Lightweight - facilitates fast and easy installation Safe application and use Can be used in a high humidity environment Long product life Ensures lower operating costs Noise reduction Condensation control Stock items (1 - 3 [...]

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Energylite is manufactured from non-combustible glass wool, bonded with an inert thermosetting resin to form a strong resilient product. It is odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials and components. A range of batts and blankets for thermal and acoustic control in commercial buildings An industrial thermal insulation for applications up to 450℃ Conservation and control of [...]

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