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  • Thermal Insulation Materials East London
ISO 9001 Springs ISO 14001
  • Has excellent thermal conductivity and high compressive strength
  • Low flame spread and smoke emission, hence reducing fire risk
  • Exhibit very good dimensional stability between 140’C and –100’C and can therefore be recommended with confidence in this temperature range
  • Highly chemical resistant, particularly to hydrocarbons and solvents.
  • Conforms to the Montreal Protocol, regarding OZONE depletion, no HCFC’s.
  • Can be supplied in sheet form and pipe sections PIC foams are fine cellular rigid foams.
  • Conforms to FM Approval standard 4880 (1994), flammability characterization.
  • PIC32 is recommended for applications where good fire performance is required.

Offers Polyisocyanurate (PIC) foam with high performance in the following applications:

  • Petro-chemical and Process Plant Insulation
  • Industrial Insulation of Pipe and Tank – Work
  • High fire risk application
  • Shipping and Off-shore Installations
  • Building Panels for Agreement Approval
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