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Mineral Wool Matt

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ISO 9001 Springs ISO 14001
Resin-bonded high temperature resistant mineral wool blankets stitched onto galvanized wire-mesh.

  • Will not sustain vermin
  • Will not breed or promote fungi, mould or bacteria
  • Will not settle under vibration
  • Rot proof
  • Dimensionally stable but care must be exercised to limit moisture ingress as this not only compromises the   structural integrity but interferes with the thermal resistance properties of the products as well

U Thermo Matt also has excellent sound absorption characteristics which will provide effective soundproofing where reduction in noise levels are required.

  • Mineral wool developed for high temperature applications
  • Excellent lambda values (thermal conductivity) which reduces heat loss
  • Shot free
  • Lightweight products, easy to handle
  • Soft touch
  • Outstanding flexibility: can be bent around corners or odd shapes without any edge breaks
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Chemically inert and when applied under controlled conditions will not promote or cause corrosion
  • Meets the European criteria in being non-hazardous to health (EUCEB certificate)


Being resistant to high temperature, and being non-combustable, these thermal insulation blankets are perfectly suited for:

  • Large ducts
  • Vessels
  • Boilers
  • Power generation
  • Petro Chemical and Industrial equipment
  • Larger curved surfaces or irregular shaped surfaces

All U Thermo Matt products should be stored and handled with care to maintain ex-works quality. The packaging will provide some protection but care should be taken to keep the material dry at all times. Extra protection should always be provided when storing the product outdoors.

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