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Mineral Wool Thermo Pipe

  • Lagging East London
ISO 9001 Springs ISO 14001
Resin-bonded high temperature resistant mineral wool, cylindrical sections. The pipe sections are supplied plain, however they can be covered with aluminium foil where a vapour barrier is required.
  • Mineral wool developed for high temperature applications
  • Excellent lambda values (thermal conductivity) which reduces heat loss
  • Shot free
  • Lightweight products, easy to handle
  • Soft touch, easy cutting
  • Outstanding flexibility: pipe sections can be opened and closed several times without breaking into two pieces
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Chemically inert and when applied under controlled conditions will not promote or cause corrosion
  • Meets the European criteria in being non-hazardous to health (EUCEB certificate)
  • Will not sustain vermin
  • Will not breed or promote fungi, mould or
  • Will not settle under vibration
  • Rot proof
  • Dimensionally stable but care must be
    exercised to limit moisture ingress as this not only
    compromises the structural integrity but interferes
    with the thermal resistance properties of the
    products as well
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