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Vision and Goals


About our Company

Energy Conservation Applicators cc was founded in 1977 by Mr Thomas Howard who saw a need for insulation in the South African Industry. ECA started with insulation but soon branched out into painting, sheet metal work, ducting and later asbestos removal and sheeting.

The Company has been in business for many years and over this period we have actively been involved in numerous projects encompassing maintenance and new projects throughout the African Continent.

The experience and expertise gained over all these years has been invaluable to our business. There are very few questions / difficulties in our field that we have not dealt with in the past, so this allows us to draw on past experiences to make quick and informed decisions. As we have done in the past and will maintain to do we will endeavor to give most affordable service without compromising the quality and efficiency pertaining to your specific requirements. Be assured that regardless of the size of the contract, big or small, you will be receiving the same high degree of professional expertise.

Our Vision and Goals

By insulating correctly we are reducing energy consumption, which means less energy is required to get the job done. Insulation cuts pollution from the utility infrastructure, slashing carbon dioxide emission by millions of tons globally every year.

Energy Conservation Applicators cc goal is to provide products and services that conserve energy and preserve natural resources for a sustainable future.

By introducing insulation into the market with our knowledgeable team we are able to inform and educate people about products and services that will not only save our planet but save them money as well. So when asked what our goal is its simple;  we would like to reach as many people as possible and inform them about how to save energy because we believe that the more people we can reach the bigger the impact on the environment will be.

Our Commitment to our Clients

At Energy Conservation Applicators cc, we intend to provide quality goods and services to relevant industries and stakeholders at an affordable prices, allowing their factories to operate at optimal efficiency. By insulating correctly clients will see a huge saving in energy usage saving them a substantial amount of money.

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